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  • New York style Cheesecake Smoothie, by the nutritionnist Hubert Cormier

    A challenge to me would you say, but with this smoothie recipe imitating perfectly New-York style cheesecake’s taste, your taste buds won’t notice a thing.

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  • Lemon muffin yogurt, by Nicole Horne

    A delicious snack with your favorite yogurt!

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  • Deer and lamb meatballs with mint, raisins and pine nuts and dip

    Recipe from Jacques Morin, winner of the 2011 culinary contest - Carrefour Saveurs et Passion.

    The contrast of the hot meatballs and cold garnishes and the fresh mint in the dip make this dish perfect for family and friends.

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  • Chocolaty Yogurt Mousse

    Whether it’s white, dark, milk, heart-shaped, spicy or bitter, the many flavours and aromas of chocolate add a touch of extravagance to just about anything. It elevates even the finest of desserts and, when served with a glass of port, is the perfect end to a meal. Chocolate is recognised not only for its antioxidant properties, but also for its powers as an aphrodisiac. Although some studies question the effectiveness of aphrodisiac foods, suggesting they have no more than a placebo effect, chocolate remains a sensual, carnal food that tantalizes epicureans of every age.

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  • Fruitcake-inspired sweet holiday dip

    Our fruitcake-inspired sweet holiday dip melds the flavours of nutmeg, vanilla, orange and coconut. Blended with creamy Liberté Méditerranée plain yogurt, the dip goes wonderfully with fruit skewers. You can also spoon it onto slices of fruitcake for a perfect pairing. If you have any left over at the end of the night, you’ll be licking your fingers to get to the end of the bowl!

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  • Greek-style dip

    Greek salad is all the rage! In fact, it’s a great healthy choice, since it contains different vegetables, olive oil, feta cheese and delicious Kalamata olives. A Greek salad is also colourful and rich in antioxidants. The Mediterranean diet is known for its cardiovascular health benefits, so be sure to make the most of regional recipes. The basics of the olive oil-based Mediterranean diet include tons of vegetables, legumes, little red meat, a lot of fish.

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  • Grilled chicken breasts in spiced yogurt

    What would summer be without a barbecue? Here’s a great recipe for summer nights when you don’t feel like cooking and all you want to do is lie out in the sun instead of slaving over the stove for your entire household. It’s simple, light and delicious, just like summer should be!

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  • A little tofu, a lot of options!

    Even though it gets a bit of a bad rap and isn’t usually the first choice at the supermarket when you’re planning your weekly meals, tofu is affordable, nutritious and adaptable. How about a new way to cook tofu? You’ll see that the possibilities are endless. First, you’ll need some grilled tofu, which can be kept several days in the refrigerator. Here are a few recipe ideas to help you give tofu a try

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  • Mini chicken pitas

    Parents who prepare a lot of lunches can sometimes run out of ideas... Mini chicken (or tuna) pitas add a touch of whimsy to kids’ lunchboxes and are a fun twist on boring sandwiches. By substituting some of the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt, you’ll be adding protein to the meat or fish and making a healthy choice by cutting out some of the fat.

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  • Poached Pears with Liberté Yogurt Sauce!

    À la recherche d’un dessert rapide pour impressionner la visite? Essayez cette recette de poires pochées à la grenade, servies avec une sauce au yogourt Liberté!

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