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Inspired by the Statue of Liberty, the Kaporovsky family founded Liberté in Montréal in 1936 and began crafting exceptional products from simple, fresh ingredients. The Kaporovskys knew that to achieve the extraordinary, they needed to elevate ordinary to a craft. Led by passionate and creative artisans, Liberté has always been guided by quality and integrity. From supplying the troops in WWII to participating in the 1967 World’s Fair. From expanding into the U.S. to innovations such as Kéfir and Greek yogourt and unique flavours like lychee, papaya, and plum & walnut. Our love for what we do inspires us. Our passion and creativity is the same today as it was in 1936. We still believe in tasting, not testing. Our artisans still cultivate simplicity and revere innovation. They continue to delight with favourites like Lemon Méditerranée and, like the Kaporovskys, our artisans strive to achieve the extraordinary. We have always been explorers and risk-takers, and we always will be.


We craft the simplest and best tasting products.


We craft new and exciting products - always leading, never following.

We remain true to ourselves, our products and our customers.

Community mindedness
We care about our employees, community and the environment.

We are passionate about our craft and committed to excelling at everything we do. 



Liberté is best defined as a natural artisan (« Artisan de nature »). And artisans are at the heart of the corporation’s activities, carrying out their professions with passion. Wholesome and natural simple pleasures, Liberté products truly embody all that nature has to offer. Natural artisans bring their passion for Liberté right to your table, conveying delight, flavour, richness and the satisfaction that comes with providing natural products. It goes without saying that Liberté’s artisans create only high-quality products.

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