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Caramelized pears and dates oat cookies

Quantity :

12 to 16 cookies

Cooking time :

10 minutes

Preparation time:

15 minutes


1/4 cup (60 ml.) of Lactose free Liberté Greek Vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup (250 ml.) of  brown sugar

1 egg

1 tbsp (5 ml.) of vanilla extract

1/4 cup (60 ml.) of flour

1 ½ cups (375ml.) of quick cooking oats

1/2 tsp (2 ml.) of baking soda

A pinch of salt

1/3 cup (75ml.) of finely chopped dried dates

Half a pear, peeled, cored and diced


Preheat oven to 350 ° F. Mix the yogurt, the brown sugar, the egg and the vanilla. Stir until the mixture is well consistent.

Gradually add the dry ingredients. Then, add the dates and pieces of pear. Mix it well.

On a baking pan put parchment paper, create 12 balls and place them on the baking pan.. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until they’re lightly browned. Let cool them off on a rack. Enjoy!


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