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Liberté Méditerranée

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Meet our new Liberté Méditerranée Limited Edition!

A summer Classique with a sweet and fresh taste. The distinctive allure of wild blueberries in a velvety-sweet fruit preparation creates an entirely delightful and robust blueberry experience. Our new Liberté Méditerranée Wild Blueberry: an anytime favorite.

Manufactured in the purest Mediterranean tradition, this opulent line of yogurts, exclusive to Liberté, is a special treat that we proudly offer for more than 30 years. 

Méditerranée yogurt is made from milk and cream. With a texture that’s the richest and creamiest on the market, this is yogurt at its finest. La crème de la crème like we say.

This yogurt is exceptionally creamy and has 9 % fat. It contains neither gelatine, nor sugar substitutes.


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