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Crunchy meets creamy Tantalizing Crunchy Obsession

Rich dark chocolate
& honey roasted almonds

Dark chocolate with a distinct bittersweetness and gently roasted almonds with a touch of honey.

+ Velvety coconut

Firm, rich Greek yogourt flavoured with mellow coconut.

  • of protein

  • of yogourt

  • dark chocolate

  • honey roasted almonds

Honey Roasted Almonds,
White Chocolate & Cookies

Lemon yogourt

Nutrition facts

Dark chocolate
et honey roasted almonds

Coconut yogourt

Nutrition facts

Salted cashews,
praline pecans &
salted almonds

Slightly sweet plain yogourt

Nutrition facts

Dark chocolate,
salted almonds
& caramel

Rich vanilla yogourt

Nutrition facts

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